• All You Need to Know About Flexible Displays

    A flexible display refers to a thin, roll-able display that’s quite versatile and can thus be used in a wide variety of applications such as

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Lorex Camera Review


This lorex camera review is for you if you are looking for the best video camera in the video surveillance market space. It is a cost effective security coverage solution for people that are looking for added protection in their homes or commercial areas via an eye in the sky. It features weatherproof construction that makes it durable and usable in all weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors. It may not be as expensive as some of the more “professional” brands that you will find on the market, but it has all the “professional” features that a reliable surveillance system needs to have.

Why is it popular?5478384ridxghzdg

Many people praise the lorex camera because of the sharp video imaging that it offers. It can produce very clear images under different circumstances. You may even find the quality of the video as well as still images captured by this video to be of greater quality compared to some of the expensive brands. It has been fitted with 30 LED video emitters that work in the infrared spectrum. The camera is able to illuminate in low light conditions up to almost forty feet. What this means is that you will be able to see what is happening at night even in an area that is poorly lit.

Feature 01

One of the features that stand out about this camera is its ability to transfer live video feeds over networks. You can easily stream videos from this camera to any computer that has an internet connection. The manufacturer of this camera also offers mobile applications that can be used on Blackberry, iPhone, Windows as well as Android mobile operating systems. They have gone far and beyond to bring you the best surveillance monitoring options that you can ever find in a DIY kit.

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Another thing you will find out from this lorex camera review is that its installation is easy. Anyone can do it with absolute ease. You just need to look for a suitable location inside or outside your home or business area and mount it using the mounting hardware that it comes with. You can install the camera on the wall, on the ceiling, or even on a tree. But you have to make sure that the view of the camera is not obstructed when installing so as to maintain a clear line of site of the area that you would like to monitor. It comes with a removable sun shade that you will find to be handy when installing it outside.

Facts About Watching Movies Online Using Movie Apps


Did you know that watching movies online is ten times cheaper than to rely on the old methods where loading of movies into a DVD was the order of the day? This shows that things have changed. The movie industry is advancing. This has been made possible with ShowBox App. You need the following facts to get you going as far as online movie watching is concerned.

Invention of movie apps

Technocrats have done the movie industry a favor. They have ensured that you get better quality movies via an abt5374fgjerg935i892pplication, which enables you to access a variety of them cheaply and conveniently. Also, they are designed to be user-friendly. All you need is to
download a good app, install it on your Smartphone and you will be ok. If you have been wondering why smart people are turning to this smart technology, know that the reason behind this is the introduction of the movie app.

Choose a good app

The emergence of various movie apps online can be confusing when it comes to choice. You must be diligent not to fall prey to scams purporting to sell movie app online. Therefore, you need to learn how to choose a good app. In case you are green in this area, consider factors such as variety, compatibility, price, and diversity. Research on these important factors and you will land the best movie app.

Why you should watch movies online

You are a movie fanatic, but you don’t know how to make the experience sensatv42634yh452u592ional, right! It does not take rocket science to learn why you need to migrate from DVDs and go online. Understand that technology is changing. You need to spend less
and watch more movies conveniently. You need an application that allows you watch movies on your Smartphone. All these benefits can be realized through watching movies online. Make the choice today and get yours today.

Enjoy the experience

Movies are meant to give you fun, pleasure and the relaxation you need. You need a variety of movies that you can watch with ease. Therefore, you need a movie application that will serve you the purpose at an affordable price. Do your research. Ask friends. Read reviews and for sure you will land the best movie app to take your movie watching experience to the next level. This will be your only gateway into a free, relaxing, and entertaining world for a sensational experience like no other.

All You Need to Know About Flexible Displays


A flexible display refers to a thin, roll-able display that’s quite versatile and can thus be used in a wide variety of applications such as smart phones, digital signage, television, e-paper and other consumer products. So, Flexible displays, when will they become mainstream?

Generally, flexible displays are on electronic paper (e-paper), organic light emitting diode (OLED), Light emitting diode (LED) or Liquid crystal display (LCD). The aforementioned are expected to be the future mainstream displays in the years to come for a wide range of consumer products.


As a matter of fact, some very significant developments have taken place in the recent past in the field of printed displays and flexible electronics. Consumers as well as loads of industry players have been keen on adopting a display technology that won’t be held back by the limitations closely linked with glass displays such as size, weight and overall ruggedness. Flexible displays snugly fit this bill.


cdsd3Currently, flexible display consumer products are becoming quite popular, having created quite a buzz since their introduction. With a market expected to reach $ 3.4 Billion by 2017, these displays are without doubt bound to rock the mainstream market sooner than many people thought. The technology has broadly been divided into the emissive and non –emissive types. The emissive types mainly include the OLED and e-paper whereas the non-emissive types include the LCOS and LCD.

The e-paper display types are mainly targeting applications such as ESL/POP, smart cards and the wearable display which is currently taking the market by storm. On the other hand, OLED displays do target widely used applications such as laptops, smart phones, tablets and TV since it is a more advanced type of display. LCD displays are currently being used on TV, laptops as well as on e-readers.

Market trends

Going by current market trends, the emissive displays have proven to be more compatible and are therefore more popular in the market space. In the recent past, both LG and Samsung have unveiled devices with flexible displays such as G Flex and Galaxy Round. These devices have what can be referred to as flexible displays in that the displays can bend and hold shape.

So, the key question is what is the future of flexible displays, when will they become mainstream? The truth is that there is still a lot of research being undertaken with researchers keen on developing a more flexible organic polymer that allows for flexing or bending in displays as opposed to the current technology which does allow the screens to be curved. It is just a matter of time before this technology joins the mainstream.

Car Technology


333Thousands of people lose their lives on the roads every year. This is one of the things that have led to the development of self driving cars. This is because most of the accidents that occur on the roads are a result of driver carelessness.

It is believed that the self driving car technology will tremendously reduce the number of accident that take place on the roads every year. Self driving cars have many advantages. The advantages include;

  1. They can prevent accidents that are caused by human error

A computer is an ideal motorist. A computer will stick to the commands that it is supposed to follow at all times. Unlike human drivers, there will be no time when a computer will get distracted. Computers make use of complicated algorithms to determine the distance from another vehicle, stopping distance, appropriate speed and other data that significantly help to reduce the probability of car accidents occurring.

Drunk driving is a major problem on the roads. Many people have lost their lives and there are many other who have received permanent injuries because of driver who drive while drunk. The cases of drunk driving will not be there when the computers take control of the cars. People can drink all they want but still get home safely.

  1. The driver can use the time that would have been for driving to do other things

When all car on the roads are self driving, the people who would be driving them will use the driving time to do other important things. They will not waste their time on traffic or controlling car so that it takes them to the places they want to go. When they want to go somewhere, they will just sit in the car and concentrate on other things that they need to do. There is a lot of things that can be done with the time that would have been used for driving.

  1. Disabled individual will enjoy enhanced mobility

Disabled people need help from other people to be able to use public transport. They need to find a driver when they want to move from one place to another. This will not be the case when the regular cars are replaced by self driving cars. These cars will take them to any place they want to go to. They will not need assistance from other people to travel to different places that they want to go to. This reduces their dependence on other people.