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Internet speeds

ad2ass22There are always arguments over the speed of the internet in some people’s homes. It is always a discussion on whose internet provider provides the fastest connection.

This discussion mostly happens in the countries with the fastest internet speeds. It may come to you as a shock, but the US does not have the fastest internet speed. Currently South Korea has the fastest internet speeds according to Akami Global.

The speed of your internet affects how you surf the net significantly. A slow connection can hinder important work or research. It also completely stops you from enjoying live feeds or streaming videos. With most of the complaints that some people have they are not considering how it must feel in countries with internet speed that is vastly below the average speed of the slowest connection in their country.

All countries have different internet speeds some are high and some are pretty low. Internet speeds in different countries differs and the top three countries in the world with the highest internet connection are three Asian countries, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. The average Mbps internet connection used in South Korea is easily over twenty Mbps. The second place and third place average at about sixteen Mbps so the quality between the first and the rest of the world is significant.

A few more European countries complete the top ten countries and England is not a part of it either. This may also come as a shock for a few. The two countries that many would put at the top of this list didn’t even make the cut, England and the United States of America. The US ranks seventeen on this list.

55554A faster connection speed will open the doors to the amazing thing you can accomplish with your internet service. You will want to also consider the bandwidth that the service provider offers. Larger bandwidth may be a better option for faster internet speed. In technicality they basically offer speedy access to the World Wide Web.

If you are offered a reasonable amount of bandwidth from your service provider, you internet connection will be speedy even if you determine that the internet speed you provider offers is slow. In conclusion there are many countries out with really slow internet speed and there are countries that are the opposite so before complaining about your providers speed, think about someone else who their entire country might have slow speed internet connection but they have to make it work. Internet speeds in different countries so you may just have to make good with what you get.